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LABOR The Great Amazon Heist Takes the Piss out of a Terrible Company

In his new special taking on Amazon, prankster Oobah Butler gets a job at a fulfillment center, films the brutal working conditions, and sells a drink made of Amazon drivers’ pee on the company’s platform. Amazon isn’t happy with his work.

JACOBIN, ALEX N. PRESS, October 22, 2023

Oobah Butler in The Great Amazon Heist. ,(Oobah Butler / Channel 4)

The Great Amazon Heist, a special premiering tonight on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, opens on the side of a road, outside of an Amazon fulfillment center in Los Angeles. Oobah Butler, host of Catfish UK and veteran prankster of the Nathan Fielder variety, is pointing at a water bottle full of yellow liquid.

“That’s a bottle of piss!” he shouts, only to do the same again and again in quick succession. In two minutes of scouting the roadside, he collects seven bottles of piss — he suspects one may be apple juice, but upon taking off the lid and sniffing it, he concludes that it, too, is piss.

Such is the start of a journey that takes the viewer through Amazon’s operations. In the course of the one-hour special, Butler works at a fulfillment center, sells a drink made of Amazon drivers’ pee on the company’s platform, has his very young nieces buy knives and rat poison through Alexa, and executes a complex scheme involving filling potholes around London with filler purchased on Amazon before then getting refunded for said filler by returning the packages loaded with sand.

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