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lardy-dardy – Word of the Day


lardy-daddy / lahr-dee-dahr-dee / Adjective


Chiefly British Slang. characterized by excessive elegance.


“Good afternoon!” — in rather lardy-dardy, middle-class English. “I wonder if I may see your things in your studio.”  — D. H. Lawrence, The Captain’s Doll, 1923– D. H. Lawrence, The Captain’s Doll, 1923


Pity that one doesn’t see as many lardy-dardy types as formerly—affected swells, languid fops, chichi dandies lounging about music halls and theaters. Lardy-dardyentered English in the 1850s, at the height of the Victorian era. It is often said to be the British aristos’ non-rhotic (“r-less”) Received Pronunciation of la-di-da—a nice story except that lardy-dardy predates la-di-da by nearly 20 years.