Live With 18 Roommates For $1,800 a Month at Brooklyn ‘Co-Living’ Space

(DNAINFO)  Rachel Holliday Smith | October 20, 2015 — Great news!

For the low, low price of $1,800 a month, you can live with 18 roommates in Crown Heights’ newest “community-driven” residence, located directly across the street from the neighborhood’s largest homeless shelter.

Yes, that’s right. Common Living, a new company that aims to provide “flexible, user-friendly” housing, opened its first fully-furnished property at 1162 Pacific St. this past weekend, it announced in a blog post Monday.

The building, located between Franklin and Bedford avenues across from the massive 350-bed Bedford-Atlantic Armory shelter, has 19 bedrooms available on month-to-month leases for those who are looking to lean into that whole live-work-play Brooklyn vibe we know you’re striving for: “curated living space,” a private rooftop garden, weekly cleaning service, high-speed Wi-Fi (duh) and a lot of exposed brick. All utilities and housekeeping are included in the $1,800 monthly rate.

Source: Live With 18 Roommates For $1,800 a Month at Brooklyn ‘Co-Living’ Space – Crown Heights – New York