MAP: Bernie Sanders’ New York

(DNAINFO) Alexandra Leon | February 25, 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ roots are as New York as his accent.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ New York roots are never far from his mind — or his accent.

The Vermont senator’s 1940s childhood was spent in Midwood, a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, where he would play stickball with the neighborhood kids and watch Saturday morning cartoons at the nearby theater, according to the New York Times.

He grew up in a rent-controlled, pre-war apartment building near Kings Highway, where he lived with his parents and older brother, Larry.

His father, a Polish immigrant, was a paint salesman who worked out of Long Island. His stay-at-home mother, born to Polish and Russian immigrants, would cook the family meat-heavy dinners and longed for a single-family home like the ones down the block.

Sanders attended P.S. 197 and James Madison High School before matriculating at Brooklyn College, which he attended for a year.

Although he took off to study political science at the University of Chicago and later settled in Vermont, Sanders is a tried-and-true New Yorker.

To take a tour of Bernie Sanders’ New York, check out DNAinfo’s interactive map:

Source: MAP: Bernie Sanders’ New York – Midwood – New York