Mark Levine: Intro 1274 Legislative Package

(MSCC) March 11, 2019 

(MARK LEVIN) December 8, 2018 Last week my colleagues and I introduced a sweeping package of legislation to fight back against abusive landlords harassing rent-regulated tenants. At a time when housing costs are soaring, we need to do everything possible to protect tenants and preserve the one million rent-stabilized apartments in our City.

Included in the new legislative package is my bill,  Intro 1274, that would require landlords of rent stabilized units to provide tenants with four years of rental history. Since I’ve taken office, my team has worked with countless tenants who needed help getting their rent history from the State. Requiring landlords to disclose a unit’s rent history would break down a significant barrier, making it easier to hold unscrupulous landlords accountable if a tenant’s rent goes up dramatically overnight. 

Tenant harassment is an issue that plagues countless, vulnerable New Yorkers everyday. Just a few weeks ago my office helped the tenants at 765 Riverside Drive, as their landlord attempted to get around laws requiring two keys be given to tenants, regardless of who is on the lease.

No one should live in fear of being preyed upon in their own home, and the legislation we introduced last week takes the critical steps necessary to protect tenants from harassmentwhile also making it easier for them to take legal action against abusive landlords.

I hope you’ll join us at the City Council’s hearing on this package of legislation on December 13th at 10am. This is your chance to testify on how the Council can improve housing laws. I hope to see and hear from you there.

Mark Levine
Council Member, 7th District