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May 21, 2015 Midtown South Community Council Monthly Meeting Minutes

(MSCC) Eileen Miller, Frank Kelly — PROGRAM: 

John Mudd (President) addressed the meeting with updates: 5,000 post cards going out. Information needed for Wikipedia page for the Community Council. Cindy Berhardt, marketing person for the website, will attend the June meeting. the new MTS Community Council Newsletter has been emailed

C.I. Ed Winski encouraged attendees to fill out the NYPD forms for the precinct’s database. He mentioned that Deputy Inspector Christine Bastedenbeck, C.O. Transit District 1, has been transferred and replaced by Capt. Coates; and Tyrone Morris of NYPD Auxiliary has been promoted from sergeant to lieutenant.

C.I. Winski gave an update on crime in the precinct. Crime down but grand larceny, primarily of unattended property, continues to be the biggest problem.

C.I. Winski reported on the capture of the person accused of hammer attacks in NYC. Two MTS police officers on patrol on 5/13/15 encountered a man they thought fit the description of one who had attacked 4 people with a hammer at 3 different locations two days earlier. When they approached him, he brandished a hammer and swung it at Officer Lauren O’Rourke. Her partner, Officer Geraldo Casaigne, fired 4 times, striking the suspect twice. Suspect was taken into custody and transported to Belleviue Hospital. Officer O’Rourke sustained head and back injuries. C.I. Winski complimented both officers, saying they did “a tremendous job.’

P.O. John O’Reilly, MTS Crime Prevention, gave a presentation on avoiding break-ins in the summer

months ahead. Air conditioners can be a vulnerable point of entry if they are not secured with wood or metal brace. P.O. O’Reilly suggested putting a piece of wood in the window frame to secure the window.

He reminded attendees of NYPD’s “Operation ID” for electronic devices and said he would be happy to set that up with NYPD forms.


Resident addressed the situation of large TV trailers idling from Jim Gaffigan Show taping and the garbage that is left after the tapings

Alan Murray, McGettigian’s, 70 W 36th ST, announced that his establishment is due to open June 4th.

Sgt. Juan Velazquez, security officer, CUNY School of Professional Studies, 119 W31th St,, mentioned that a guest who frequents the bread line at St. Francis of Assisi, 135 W31st St,, has been hassling an employee of the school.

Lt. Tyrone Morris, NYPD Auxiliary, said that they were back on parole.

Meghan Fialkoff, NYC Chapter, Foundation For A Drug-Free World, gave a presentation for the foundation as a source for drug education and gave out materials.

Resident discussed his experience around the H&M Store opening in Herald Square. He observed limited handicapped access. C.I. Winski commented that he was on site with Det. Spano and saw no such limitation.

C.I. Winski addressed concerns about the NYPD response to “pop-up” demonstrations triggered by the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

Resident brought up the strident sound generated by the underground gas container recovery system at MTS. The DEP is addressing the situation.

Resident brought up noise & drugs in the vicinity of 323 W43rd St, midnight to 3:00am

Officials in attendance: C.I. Edward Winski, C.O.  Det. Paul Spano, MTS Community Affairs, P.O. John O’Reilly, MTS Crime Prevention, Capt. Steven Hellman, Executive Officer MTS, Lt. Luis Marines, Special Operations, MTS, P.O. Richard Fazio, Transit District 1;

P.O. Martin Reyes, MTS Auxiliary Police Coordinator, Lt. Tyrone Morris, NYPD Auxiliary;

P.O. Gina Buscemi, P.O. Nicholas Bosch, P.O. Roger Everett, mentor

MTS CC President John Mudd, Vice President Bill Otterson, Secretary Eileen Miller, Assistant Secretary Frank Kelly

Also attending:

John Clancy, Foley’s Restaurant, 18 W33rd St.

Alicia Sheppard, Molly Wee Pub

Noelle Mooney, Stout and Failla

Craig Primus, Director of Security, CUNY Graduate Center

David Rios, Rick’s Cabaret and Vivid

Kelly of West Garden Spa

David Rios, and Nicole, Rick’s Cabaret and Vivid

Alfredo Marty, Blarney Stone, 410 8th Ave.

Ray Montgomery, Library Theater 42nd St &7th Ave.

Tom Ballenger, Michael Morelle, Gerard McNamee, Slake, NYC, 251 W30th St.

Jeff Wice, Auxiliary Sgt, Citywide traffic task force

Ed Sullivan, Representative from NYC Public Advocate Letitia James’ office

Representatives of Macy’s security

Representative from Midtown Community Court, 314 W. 54th St, NY, NY 100019, 646 246 1300

Twitter account handles:  @NYPDMTS, Transit Division @NYPDTRANSIT

The next MTS Community Council meeting will be held on Thursday, September 17, 2015

7:00 p.m., at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel on 8th Avenue between 34th and 35th streets.