Met Council On Housing: Repeal 50-a: Shields Officers’ Record

(MET COUNCIL ON HOUSING) June 13th, 2020

This has been a difficult weekend for New York and the nation. Our hearts are with those on the street. State violence killed George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and far too many black Americans. State violence is also spraying protesters with pepper spray and beating them in the streets.

Governor Cuomo  stated he is willing to sign a bill on 50-a if it comes to his desk. 50a shields the records of police officers accused of misconduct.  This is the long-time #1 priority for the families of New Yorkers who’ve lost loved ones to NYPD violence. There is an opportunity to push for passage of the full repeal of 50-a NOW. We must stand united on Senator Bailey & Assemblyman O’Donnell’s 50-a repeal ( A2513/S3695) – and oppose all modification bills. 

Let’s continue to push legislators to commit to reconvene this week and #repeal50a! Below are some ways you can get involved right now: 

  • Call & email legislators: Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am calling to urge [LEGISLATORS NAME] to advocate for the legislature to reconvene & pass Senator Bailey and Assemblyman O’Donnell’s bill to repeal 50-a (A2513/S3695) In light of the police violence that took place in New York this weekend, 50-a must be fully repealed – no modifications or amendments. Can we count on [LEGISLATOR’S NAME] to support the bill to fully repeal 50-a and ask Leadership to bring the Bailey/ODonnell bill to the floor & vote yes when it comes to the floor?  Thank you!
  • Post on social media: Police pepper-sprayed and beat NYers who gathered to mourn#GeorgeFloyd in BK. The NYPD act like they have impunity because there are laws in place, like 50-a, that shield them from accountability. @NYSA_Majority and @NYSenDems must reconvene this week and FULLY #repeal50a.

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