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Midtown South Community Council Monthly Meeting Minutes For September 19, 2019

(MSCC) Robert Smith, September 19, 2019

MTS  CC President John A. Mudd, Vice President Bill Otterson, Secretary/Assistant Secretary (Open Positions) Community Services Director Sharon Jasprizza

Officials in Attendance 

Inspector Brendan Timoney provided an update on crime statistics.  YTD, robberies were down 50% during last 28 days tracked.  Additionally, Grand Larcenies were down 8%.  There have been more slashings recently that have been occurring on 8th avenue between 34-37 streets, so please be aware of that activity.  Potential causes are drug usage, and foot traffic around the Port Authority terminal.  Inspector Kennedy also spoke of recent burglary activity involving one male subject who was targeting hotels in the area.  This subject has been arrested, and is no longer a threat to the community now.  We were also briefed on the importance of paying attention to your surroundings, protecting your belongings while out shopping, i.e. ladies not leaving purses in carts or fitting rooms while out shopping as theft can occur quickly when not paying attention.  

John Mudd briefed us on the city garden/farm is doing well, and the tomatoes are fantastic.  Sponsors are needed to support programs and initiatives to support our community so feel free to volunteer if interested.  We are also developing street sheets (a list of shelters, food pantries, and other services) for the homeless.  John also reminded us of the Homeless and Housing meeting the first Tuesday of each month.  The meeting is held at Urban Pathways, 575 Eighth Avenue at 9:30AM.  Swimming in Mudd (Show created by John Mudd) is scheduled for 10.19 so tickets are available if interested.

Guest Speaker

Nick Urban – Licensed Social Worker and Director for Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground is a non-profit company who provides housing to the homeless population.  They operate 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.  They also operate safe homes, and an interesting statistic shows that homeless people who move from the streets into safe homes, have a 98% chance of not returning to the streets, so it is a great initiative.  It takes over 200 interactions to convince a homeless person to leave the streets.  There are several reasons homeless prefer the streets, but a few are: family issues, medical issues, mental issues, they feel safer on the streets, limited options for preferred housing etc.   Breaking Ground also has mobile psychiatry, and medical teams serving the homeless community.


Resident complained of being assaulted on way to the meeting by a transient, and filed a police report after meeting was over.  

Open Discussion

Discussed the methadone clinic and its impact on assaults around the 35th and 36th street area of 8th avenue.  

Next meeting October 17, 2019

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