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Midtown South Community Council’s June 15, 2017 Meeting Minutes

(MSCC) Eileen Miller, Frank Kelly, September 21, 2017 — Midtown South Community Council June 15, 2017 Monthly Meeting:


John Mudd opens meeting by a progress report on the Council projects: Rooftop Farms, bike racks cleanup, and magazine boxes.

Eugene Sinigalliano discussed the DOS “adopt a basket” program where businesses are given trash bags to empty their adopted baskets to supplement DOS’s work. Eugene described the NYC Dept of Parks “MillionTree” initiative.

Inspector Green began his remarks by explaining why he had missed the previous 2 council meetings: He was on jury duty in April and on duty for the Times Square crime scene: a car drove into pedestrians: killing one and injuring more than 20 people.

Inspector Green reported on crime in MTS. There is an increase in burglaries involving hotel room safes. He cautioned attendees to be careful about what they store in such safes, suggesting that very valuable items should be placed in the hotel’s safe. There also has been an increase in thefts from unattended commercial delivery trucks, and Inspector Green noted that such incidents are regarded as burglaries.

Inspector Green mentioned that Sgt. William Johnson has replaced Sgt. Andrew Ho as head of the precinct’s homeless outreach unit. The inspector listed statistics on contacts, shelter placements and summonses issued, noting that two tents sheltering the homeless had been removed.

He also gave statistics about heroin overdoses, noting that there is a nationwide epidemic. There was one fatal overdose in the precinct during the most recent 28-day period and four year-to-date.

Sharon introduced Kate Lee, the council’s director of arts and culture, and Susie Lang of 60 and Over, an independent photo project featuring women.

Sharon introduced the evening’s first speaker, Sherene Crawford, project director of Midtown Community Court, which sentences low-level offenders to pay back the neighborhood while offering them help with problems that often underlie criminal behavior.

The second speaker, Awinna Martinez, program director of the Community Court’s UpNext initiative, described the resources it offers to fathers who are trying to rebuild their lives following incarceration. The focus is on the family, parenting and job training, with many participants finding jobs with the Garment Center and Times Square BIDs.

The next speaker, Grace Chung, community development officer with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), Her national organization was founded in New York in the late 1970s to serve as a non-profit bank to help finance affordable housing. The mission has expanded to include social services.

She discussed the organization’s New York Land Opportunity Program, which helps provide expertise for mission-driven non-profits that wish to develop affordable housing.


A resident of West 31st Street asked about the rules involving the erection of scaffolding and sidewalk sheds without notice and asked how long the scaffolding would remain in front of her building. Inspector Green said he would look into the matter with a building inspector.

Representatives of hotels on 40th Street between 7th and 8th avenues complained about excessive ticketing for vehicles in hotel loading zones. It was recommended that they contact the DOT’s citywide traffic task force.


Officials in attendance:

MTS CC President John Mudd, Vice President Bill Otterson, Secretary Eileen Miller, Assistant Secretary Frank Kelly, Community Service Director Sharon Jasprizza, Beautification Director Eugene Sinigalliano, Director of Arts & Culture, Kate Lee.         

Inspector Russell Green, commanding officer MTS;

P.O Joseph McCadden, Community Affairs,

P.O. Sean Henry, Times Square Unit,

P.O. Richard Fazio NYPD Transit District 1

Also attending:

John Clancy, Foley’s Restaurant, 18 W. 33rd St,

David Rios, Rick’s Cabaret and Vivid

Noelle Mooney, Stout and Feile,

Craig Primus, CUNY, 365 Fifth Ave, NY, NY 10016

Eunice Seo, West Garden Spa, 243 W. 30th St.

Jerome Moorehead, Times Square Alliance, 1560 Broadway, Suite 800

Edgar Yu, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.


Twitter account handles:  @NYPDMTS, Transit Division @NYPDTRANSIT

The next MTS Community Council meeting will be held on Thursday Sept. 21 2017, 7:00 p.m., at the Midtown South Police Precinct, 357 W. 35th St.