More Park in Hells Kitchen South + Better Air + Quality of Life

(CHANGE.ORG) Posted March 25, 2019

Michael Huarachi started this petition to Mayor of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and 47 others

Increase Green Space in the Area: By signing this petition – you are supporting a local command for a more dense, green, area to be included in the redesign of the Port Authority Bus Terminal of New York and New Jersey (PABT).  This petition calls or not only a larger surface area for ‘green space’- but we intend to combat the illusive ‘micro-green’ space designs being implemented across the city that insufficiently fails to address the most pressing issues of the community of Hells Kitchen South.  This petition calls for the entire lot D between 37th and 38th streets, between 9th and 10th Aves, to be committed to building into a public park. This park will be used by the entire community from school children, to athletes, to canines and their family members, and everyone who lives, works, and plays in the district.  The world’s largest bus terminal deserves a large, substantial public park – not more luxury apartments.  The community already is under resourced from a public parks perspective, and we command less ‘micro-green space’ and more dense, lush, and resilient public park that covers more land area!  Please sign and support our command for a greener, sustainable, and healthier PABT renovation plan.

Children’s Play Space & Recreation: Committing to a larger green space will increase area for children, athletes, and others to live, and play!  There is limited resources in the immediate area that are dedicated to safe spaces for children to play in and the neighborhood is in desperate need for dedicated space for children.  By committing a section of the park to a children’s park- this could help improve the quality of life of the families in and around the district.

Decrease Local Pollution:  A 2018 Community Health Profile by the NYC Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene demonstrates that the district maintains the highest rate of particulate matter in all of NYC.  This harmful pollutant is carcinogenic, and is found at a higher rate than Manhattan, and NYC.

The EPA estimates that humans exposed to even mid-level PM 2.5 have shorter life spans averaging less than 8.6 years than persons living in areas with minimal or no PM 2.5 exposure.  Additionally, according to the EPA- PM 2.5 weakens the immune system, contributes to poorer overall lung function, cardiovascular health, and generates faster tumor-growth hormones in the human body.

Existing Community Resources:  From a public parks perspective- Hells Kitchen South is sorely in need of a public park.  A 2018 USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station demonstrates that CB4 is sorely in need of not only green space.  But a green space that is dense, resilient, and begins to establish a lush and sustainable tree network. By committing only to ‘micro-green’ spaces, the district will experience a lost opportunity in providing a healthy, green, lush region for the district.

Potential Community Resources: The current proposals are fantastic green additions to the neighborhood.  But there is only so much carbon sequestration that green lawns, or micro-green spaces, can manage.  Our proposal calls for a more dense, lush, and greener renovation plan! Think of the greening included in the recent proposals- times10!  A green Port Authority on steroids…a Port Authority Public PARK!

Families with Canines: Dogs are an invaluable contribution to our lives, increasing humans happiness and well-being – let’s love them back in return with their own green space!

With the impending down-size of Astro’s Dog Park, canines are limited to hard surface areas along the Hudson River and other dog-parks in the district that only haverough surfaces for our loved ones.  Furthermore, most grassy areas along the Hudson River have ‘No Dogs Allowed’ policies on the grassy hills, leaving families with canines unable to find a local park for their pups.

By committing to a denser, larger green area- HKS could contribute to the health & well-being of our furry loved ones who give so much love to us.


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