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June 2015 – Starting this Summer, Midtown South Community Council (MSCC) is launching its Quality of Life Partnership Program to create positive change and social impact in the community. Organizations that qualify for the program are mission-driven and dedicated to providing sustainability initiatives, green enterprises, improved conditions for residents and visitors, jobs for underserved populations, arts programs, or otherwise creating public good to build and strengthen the community.

Selected projects and initiatives are promoted to increase public awareness, participation, and support. To this end, MSCC provides various resources, including highlights on its website, newsletters, postcards, and flyers. In exchange, partners post MSCC’s logo and description on their website and distribute its materials at their offices and events.

Organizations planning to launch a project in the Midtown South community, or seeking support for ongoing initiatives, are encouraged to connect with MSCC to learn about the program and see how the Council can best serve its needs. Send an email to for more information.

About MSCC: The Midtown South Community Council was established in 1983 to address the concerns of its residents and local businesses. It resolves issues by coordinating the voices of the community with the police department and other city agencies. The organization is devoted to building better neighborhoods within the community, and enhancing the quality of life. Visit our website to become a business member, subscribe to the newsletter, and keep on top of local news and more.