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(MSCC) Ashley Clemente, Posted date: April 4, 2021

SUMMARY: Discussions on bail reform and talks on community safety.



Deputy Inspector Rob O’Hare encouraged everyone to report any hate crimes. Time Square shooting on midtown northside, the shooter was apprehended in a short period of time.     


Speaker Andrew Warshawer is a deputy chief of the trail division in New York county district attorney’s office, and he spoke about the bail reform program


Andrew Warshawer explained:

  • Removes coercive aspect of the option of either jail or services for people who have mental or substance problems who commit minor offenses
  • Direction of bail reform is offering services without the threat of criminal prosecution for refusing the services
  • Supervised release is to ensure the defendant returns for their court date


  • Jennifer expressed concerns of big corporations like Google and Facebook buying large amounts of property and moving existing tenants out
  • Eric was assaulted by two shelter members, they were harassed and released. When they came out, he stated that he was harassed and threatened after their release. Eric was concerned for his safety and had concerns, Commander O’Hare told him to come into the office the next day, Kevin Baptiste and Estelle from the DA’s” office also expressed their concerns 
  • Owen Sweeney was appalled that in the new bail reform program citizens can get bailed out for crimes such as assault 
  • Owen Sweeney was concerned about the safety of residents, he believes that with an increase in shelters within a confined area
  • Brian W. commented that MSCC should not be talking and focused on problems that are not aligned with community members cooperating along side police, and all there matters such as homelessness and housing is not of MSCC’s concern

Penn station 

  • Bill Ottersen: the plans to take away housing and when commercial offices are underused is not sensible
    • John Mudd: Especially during a homeless and housing crisis
  • Bill: What use is it to build more office space and more train stations, if remote working can be utilized
  • Possible collaboration exists between with community board 4 and 5 to block the development
  • Brian W. had made a connection to port authority and stated that the community needs to band together and get legislators to back citizens up to stop this project from happening
    • He also mentioned that this subject is being tackled by community board four and five and it had no place at this forum

Con Edison

  • John asked if anyone has faced an increase in their con Edison bill and if they did to email him.  


  • Send an email to the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) to invite them to meetings or to see if we can receive any new information about the shelters
  • Contact providers to see the data and get arrest records for the past six months from the areas of 20-40th street
  • We are and will continue to encourage onsite educational workshops and vaccinations. 


MSCC: John Mudd, Ashley Clemente, Bill Otterson
Officials, Board members, City Agencies: Andrew Warshower (DA), Kevin Jean Baptiste (DA),
Estelle Stryner Santiago (DA), Lauren Curatolo and Clair Barker (Community Court), Leslie
Boghsian (CB4)
Midtown South Police Precinct: PO Brian Kelly, Deputy Inspector Rob O’Hare, Officer Leigh
Community Members: Abe Juinor, Arnold Plotnick, Brian Weber, Owen Sweeney, Rex Bicknell,
Serge Harnett, Daniel Bernstein, David, Eric Scioli, Jennifer Malliote, Dudy Olsen,Lisa, Mario G
Messina, Martha Wukrle