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MSCC’s To Do For The Year 2023

(MSCC) John Mudd, January 15, 2023

Agenda For January – July 2023

One Stop Shop

The One Stop Shop will house several partners to secure a pathway from street to home.

  • Business development plan 

Work Shops

Resume and workforce development and Housing through Voucher management workshops is dependent on permanence of home

  • Contact various educators
  • Voucher powerpoint tool development—UnlockNY partnership
  • Set flyer with dates and times


The following three Forums are suggested to move our overall objectives

  • Managing Your Nonprofit Synergy
    • Speaker(s) Jim Johnson, Kristina Clark, 
  • Health Forum
    • Wendell Potter, Len Rodberg, PNHP, Marianna Pizzitola, Bob Hennelly, 
  • What is Affordability?
    • Speakers: Lamberg, Kirsten Richards, Vittoria, Ted Houghton, Rob Robinson, Tom Angotti, Christian Klossner OSE, hearing
    • Topics: Development in New York City, Over development for profit sake and under development for the people’s growth and vitality, the root causes of the homelessness and housing crisis

Rallies / Events

  • ESD / Vornado / Pen Station Development: continue the current work and include the rally
  • Rally: Four point rally with Midtown, Hudson Yards, NYCHA, ESD/Vornado locations to tell a story of bad policies and calling for fixes to our issues that each site represent
  • Events
    • Urban Farm social

Committee development

Committee development is very important to our work for delivering impact. The following committees are to be developed with as many partners whose goal9s) will coincide or intersects with its purpose (arranged in Alphabetical order).

  • Communications: This committee needs developing
  • Finance Committee: We have a few nominees, need to move this important committee forward
  • Homeless and Housing (HH): Continue to engage, build more participation and involvement
  • Urban Farm committee: Grow participants and partners to garden, expand, develop, distribute
  • Health: Continue to develop with the immediate focus of safeguarding medicare, medicaid, and implement or support enrollment of our no to low income constituents
  • Home Urban Repair Team (HURT) —needs developing and team building
  • Policy Meeting: Continue and find goal specifics
  • Street Sheets: Continue to build production, vetting, and distribution team with partners

Basics Admin

  • Financials, budgets, grants, taxes, board administration, budgeting, annual, midterm, etc.
  • Meeting recaps, agendas, posting, etc.
  • Web, marketing, and other