MTA Rep Booted From Town Hall Meeting On L Train Shutdown Over Lack of Info

(DNAINFO)  Gwynn Hogan | January 28, 2016 — “Not at this time,” Andrew Inglesby said repeatedly at the L Train coalition’s town hall meeting.

Organizers kicked an MTA representative out of a public meeting called to discuss a possible L train shutdown, because he would not provide any information.

“We’re not getting any answers, we’re not getting any solid information,” said Felice Kirby, the leader of a group of business owners, politicians and community groups called the L train coalition. “I don’t think it’s personal, I’m sure this gentleman is doing an excellent job of not telling us what we want to know.”

“I’m glad you dared to be present, but we’re not satisfied,” Kirby said.

Andrew Inglesby, a liaison for the MTA, had been sent to listen to community concerns at the coalition’s first public meeting held Thursday morning at Brooklyn Bowl. He wasn’t expected to provide any further details about a potential shutdown, organizers said.

But when Inglesby wouldn’t elaborate on what was wrong with the tunnel itself or offer a date for when the MTA would have more information, he was met with furor.

“Basically the problem is that we have Sandy repairs that we have to make in every tube, that’s really all I’m going to say right now,” Inglesby said. “Everyone knows we need to make repairs along the L line…and we’re looking for a plan for that.”

Source: MTA Rep Booted From Town Hall Meeting On L Train Shutdown Over Lack of Info – Williamsburg – New York