MTA’s Own Board: Subway Service Rates Between ‘Poor’ and ‘Fuhgeddaboutit’

(DNAINFO)  Danielle Tcholakian | January 29, 2017 — MTA board members slammed the transit agency’s train delay data as being too vague.

The MTA’s own board members are frustrated by the “largely uninformative data” the transit agency releases each month on train delays.

Members of the transit and bus committee pressed the MTA at its monthly meeting Monday to collect and provide more detailed information on what causes the delays that plague the city’s subway system.

“Is it other trains? Is it people on the tracks? Is it rats?” speculated committee member Andrew Albert.

“What remedies are understudied?” asked another committee member, Charles Moerdler, taking issue with the “largely uninformative data” the MTA issues in its monthly reports. “What solutions are on the horizon?”

Source: MTA’s Own Board: Subway Service Rates Between ‘Poor’ and ‘Fuhgeddaboutit’ – Financial District – DNAinfo New York