Nuns abruptly booting over a dozen domestic violence victims from NYC shelter: suit

Gothamist, Kathianne Boniello, July 22, 2023

An order of nuns abruptly shuttered a domestic violence shelter in Hells Kitchen and are pestering more than a dozen abused and homeless women to leave, according to court papers.

The western New York Franciscan Sisters of Allegany stopped paying employees, shut off the phones, cable, and Internet, seized more than $500,000 in funds, and dissolved the board of the nonprofit The Dwelling Place on West 40th Street this month, legal filings claim. 

“The Franciscan Sisters are callous and cruel,” one resident said in a Manhattan Supreme Court filing trying to stop the closure. “Me and the other women . . .have been addressed through letters telling us to ‘get out, find yourself somewhere to live in the NYC shelter system.’ “

The drama began in June, when the nuns suddenly fired executive director Deborah Pollock, claiming after more than two years in the position they had just learned of her criminal past, they said in the litigation. 

Pollock pleaded guilty to stealing more than $300,000 in a welfare fraud scheme in 2001.

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