NYC Ferry Hauling 57,000 Riders Per Week and is on Pace for 2 New Routes

(DNAINFO)  Amy Langfield | May 26, 2017 — Almost a month after its debut, the NYC Ferry is averaging 12,000 riders per week on its Rockaway route and 45,000 riders per week on its East River route and plans are on schedule to start the South Brooklyn route June 1, officials said.

And although the service has proven too popular at certain times, even leaving some passengers cooling their heels for an hour awaiting a next boat, those schedules could be modified as ridership climbs or bike-rack usage maxes out.

“NYC Ferry is closely monitoring ridership levels and use of amenities, like bike racks, and is closely engaged with NYCEDC to discuss current ridership trends,” said Skye Ostreicher, spokeswoman for the NYC Ferry operated by Hornblower.

“Schedules can be adjusted very quickly once the determination is made that the changes would improve service. To minimize disruptions, NYC Ferry/EDC together would make significant schedule changes during times when riders are accustomed to seeing service changes signage– like the first of the month, or the start of a new season.”

The May 7 Con Ed oil spill into the East River caused the boats to reduce speeds on U.S. Coast Guard orders until May 23, but didn’t appear to impact ridership numbers, Ostreicher said.

“The oil spill began at the start of week 2, in which ridership numbers remained steady at approximately 6,000 riders a day on the East River route,” she said. “Even though oil spill effects carried over into week 3, ridership numbers actually increased in that time to approximately 8,000 to 9,000 per day (May 14-20).”

Source: NYC Ferry Hauling 57,000 Riders Per Week and is on Pace for 2 New Routes – Rockaway Beach – DNAinfo New York