NYC mayor says 12 dead from Legionnaires’ disease

(USA TODAY) Greg Toppo — DeBlasio: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday that 12 people had died of Legionnaires’ disease in the South Bronx since the outbreak began on July 10.

But de Blasio said the outbreak was apparently on the wane, since the city had recorded no new cases in a week. The last report of sickness from the disease, he said, came on Aug. 3.

“We have no evidence over the last few days of any new cases of Legionnaires’. As we go through every passing day with no new sicknesses, it’s a very promising sign,” he said.

De Blasio reported 113 total cases; 76 people had been hospitalized and released.

He also outlined new proposed legislation to prevent future outbreaks. De Blasio said the proposal would require all existing cooling towers to be registered with the city’s Department of Buildings. It also requires regular inspection, testing, cleaning and disinfection. He said the city had created a voluntary online registration database for cooling towers.


Source: NYC mayor says 12 dead from Legionnaires’ disease