NYC Open Data: 2022 Progress Report

(NYC OPEN DATA) December 23, 2022

As of 2022, NYC Open Data contains thousands of free datasets from City agencies, and is managed by the Open Data Team at the Office of Technology and Innovation (OTI). The Open Data Team works with City agencies to make data available, coordinate platform operations and improvements, and promote the use of this public resource both within government and in the broader community.

Each City agency also has an Open Data Coordinator, who serves as the main point of contact for the Open Data team and the public, and works to identify, document, structure, manage, and share their agency’s public datasets.

With billions of rows of data, and more than a million visitors each year, Open Data is the definitive source of information about New York City for every New Yorker.


Read an overview of the past year and this report from the NYC Open Data Team.

Strategic Plan Update 

See the latest updates on how NYC Open Data is improving our user experience, strengthening the City’s capacity to publish and maintain high-quality data, and helping to build communities around Open Data.

Updates to Data Quality and Documentation Standards 

Understand how we’re improving the quality of the data and making it easier to use

Dataset Highlights 

Learn more about some of the datasets that were published in 2022

Open Data by the Numbers 

Explore some data about Open Data and find out more about who uses it

Compliance Plan 

Find more on datasets that City agencies have identified for future publication, posted on their websites, shared in Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) responses, or promoted through civic engagements

Source: NYC Open Data Source