NYC Rules Updates ~ Sunday, March 17, 2019

(CITY OF NEW YORK) March 17, 2019

The following NYC Rules update includes: (1) all City agency proposed rules that remain open for written public comment, (2) adopted rules that took effect during the previous week, (3) adopted rules soon taking effect. Please visit the NYC Rules website to read agency rules, submit comments on proposed rules, and learn about the rulemaking process.Proposed Rules Open for Written Public Comment

  • DOT Notice of Public Hearing and Opportunity to Comment on Proposed Traffic Rules–Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (DOT) – Comments must be posted by Tuesday, April 16 … read more
  • DOT Notice of Public Hearing – Access-A-Ride Vehicles Proposed Rule (DOT) – Comments must be posted by Thursday, April 11 … read more
  • Deceptive Advertising by For-Profit Educational Institutions (DCA) – Comments must be posted by Thursday, April 4 …read more
  • Amendment of Bail Bond Disclosure Requirements (DCA) – Comments must be posted by Friday, March 29 … read more
  • Mitchell Lama Rule Amendments (HPD) – Comments must be posted by Wednesday, March 27 … read more

Adopted Rules That Took Effect During the Previous Week

  • RPTL421-a Prevailing Wages for Building Service Workers Affordability Exception Amendment (HPD) – Rule took effect Wednesday, March 13 … read more
  • COIB Adopted Rule Regarding Work for Not-for-Profit Entities  (COIB) – Rule took effect Sunday, March 10 … read more

Adopted Rules Soon Taking Effect

  • Promulgation of Right to Know Penalty Schedule.  (DEP) – Rule takes effect Friday, April 5 … read more
  • DOT Highway Rules – 2018 updates (DOT) – Rule takes effect Friday, April 5 … read more
  • Amendment of Rules Governing Employment Agencies (DCA) – Rule takes effect Friday, March 29 … read more
  • Prohibition of Injurious Behavior Towards Agency Employees (DCA) – Rule takes effect Monday, March 18 … read more

To learn more about these and other recent rulemaking actions, please visit the NYC Rules website . You may also find agency rules in daily editions of the City Record.

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