NYC’s brand new subway is the most expensive in the world — that’s a problem – Vox

(VOX)  The tragedy of the Second Avenue Subway.

Today, New York City is celebrating the opening of the first phase of the Second Avenue Subway, a project that’s been anticipated for nearly a century and that’s sorely needed to relieve overcrowding on the Lexington Avenue lines and to extend access to some very densely populated neighborhoods. But as exciting as the opening is, phase one is also a very modest-size project encompassing just three stations. The plan is, eventually, to extend it up into East Harlem, and potentially then either go farther south or swing west to provide crosstown subway service across 125th Street.

Any of this would be extremely useful to the city, but it’s far from clear that any of it will ever happen. That’s because even with $1 billion currently allocated in the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s capital budget for phase two of the Second Avenue Subway, it’s still badly short of the $6 billion that’s going to be needed.

New York state has a fair amount of potential financial resources at its disposal and could certainly come up with $6 billion to spend on extending the subway to East Harlem. But that’s naturally going to be a hard sell politically to the vast majority of New York state residents who don’t live in or regularly visit East Harlem.

The shame of it is that by the standards of other major world cities, the $1 billion the MTA already has budgeted should be plenty.

Source: NYC’s brand new subway is the most expensive in the world — that’s a problem – Vox