NYPD Commissioner Bratton Says Trump Hurts Anti-Terror Efforts 

(DNAINFO) Jeff Mays | June 14, 2016 — The commissioner also reiterated calls for a ban on assault weapons.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said anti-Muslim rhetoric from the likes of Donald Trump hurts the NYPD’s efforts to prevent homegrown terrorism attacks — as he called for the reinstatement of laws that ban assault weapons like the one used in the deadly Orlando gay nightclub massacre.

Comments from Trump effectively blaming Muslims for the Orlando shooting and suggesting they be kept out of the country are not productive, Bratton said in an interview outside City Hall after a bill signing Monday.

“It works against our ability to work with those communities, particularly since we need them to be supportive of what we do and we need them for information,” Bratton said.

Mass shooters are more and more lone wolves “becoming radicalized very quickly, oftentimes through social media access,” Bratton said. “We can stop so many of these things if we have the trust of communities.”

A spokeswoman for Trump’s campaign did not immediately return a call for comment.

The commissioner reiterated his point on a radio interview Wednesday morning, saying that some of the members of the NYPD security detail currently assigned to guard Trump’s building are Muslim.

Source: NYPD Commissioner Bratton Says Trump Hurts Anti-Terror Efforts – Civic Center – DNAinfo New York