Obama Is on a Roll, But Is His Presidency?

(ROLLING STONE) Matt Taibbi — The right-wing media isn’t right about much, not even by accident. But they might have one point: The press sometimes gives President Obama a pass when it shouldn’t.

By almost any measure, Barack Obama is having the best stretch of his presidency.

He recently had big wins on health care and his loathsome trade agreement, sandwiched around a controversial hit-generating use of the n-word, a singing debut and the securing of a surprising bipartisan agreement on the use of peas in guacamole.

This week, he’s teeing up a nuclear deal with Iran and a long-overdue effort to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba in what the networks are calling a “legacy-hunting” finale to his big momentum surge. More and more, the coverage of all of these stories has been less about the politics, and more about the angle of Barack Obama’s ongoing personal quest for acceptance.

The stories all have an E! network feel to them, as in: Barack Obama whipped the Republicans in court, sealed a deal with Iran, makes America’s tastiest guacamole and gets more web hits than Caitlyn Jenner. Can you say en fuego?

“It’s fun being Barack Obama again!” blared CNN. “Obama Defies Second Term Slump,” announced The Hill, noting, in classic “Nixon is tanned, rested and ready” fashion, that, “Obama appears more confident and relaxed than ever.”

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