Parkour Equipment Coming to Riverside Park South

(DNAINFO) Emily Frost | February 23, 2016 — The city is installing special equipment for parkour enthusiasts in Riverside Park as a part of a multimillion-dollar redesign that will begin construction this summer.

The Parks Department is installing the obstacle course-style equipment between West 69th and 70th streets in the park, just south of the basketball courts and under the highway structure, agency officials said.

Parkour, which first emerged in France in the 1990s and has spread in popularity across the world, involves acrobatic vaulting, swinging, jumping, leaping and rolling between objects. Typically parkour practitioners use urban infrastructure, leaping from benches to bike racks and over fences, or even between building roofs.

Source: Parkour Equipment Coming to Riverside Park South – Upper West Side – New York