Pay Attention to What The Skeptics Are Saying About Cryptocurrency

(MEDIUM) Jessica Wildfire, February 8, 2021

“This sounds like it was written by a teenager.”

That’s a typical response to any criticism of cryptocurrency, written by your average silicon valley sexist.

They assume that anyone who doesn’t believe in bitcoin or ethereum must not understand how they work. So they write long-winded comments that presume to mansplain it all. They insult and browbeat critics. You can understand why. For cryptocurrencies to be worth anything at all, people need a religious, testosterone-fueled faith in them, which might explain why only 15 percent of bitcoin investors are women.

Given all this, the average person shouldn’t be investing in cryptocurrency. It’s not a digital road to salvation. In fact, it could easily wind up recreating all the same problems it promises to solve.

Here’s why: