Pizza Joint Pulls ‘Racist’ Pie From Menu After Outcry

(DNAINFO)  Shaye Weaver — A Midtown pizza parlor that added a pie named “Pic-a-Nika” — made with fried chicken, watermelon and sunflower seeds — to its menu last week quickly yanked the offering after scathing backlash from civil rights protestors.

Pizza by Certé at 132 E. 56th St. at Lexington added the pie to its menu roughly a week ago, insisting that it was meant to stand for a picnic lunch, as pronounced with an Italian accent. But last Thursday, they began being bombarded by phone calls and emails from people complaining that the new item was racist and offensive, according to Certé’s manager Vincent Guzman.

At roughly 9 a.m. Friday, members of the group Millions March NYC — which was created in the wake of Eric Garner’s death — protested on the sidewalk outside the eatery, distributing fliers to passersby with a description of the dish’s ingredients and the words “#boycottracism” and “#blacklivesmatter.”

Source: Pizza Joint Pulls ‘Racist’ Pie From Menu After Outcry – Midtown East – New York