Preventing Homelessness Helps Reduce Homelessness

(Careforthehomeless) Philip J. Malebranche, March 23, 2023

Prevention is one of the means of reducing homelessness. Families are threatened with the dire option when there is sudden illness or loss of employment, for instance. Another bill, in New York State, to help forestall unstable housing is the Housing Access Voucher Program (HAVP). This program is designed to be accessible, flexible and non-discriminatory. It the most effective program for homeless households, permitting a stable, permanent living situation.

The Program will allow for expanded income eligibility, aiding families that would otherwise be by-passed because of certain requirements. A state housing voucher would reach thousands of New Yorkers left unserved by the under-funded Section 8 program. Economic insecurity calls for legislation such as this.

We ask for passage of S. 568A, sponsored by Sen. Brian Kavanaugh and A. 4021, by Assembly member Linda Rosenthal, to create a program that will pave a clearer path to stable housing for individuals and families left out of current rental assistance voucher programs. Thank you for helping bring peace to those living in precarious situations. Esperanza Spalding is not bound to the opinions herein.

Source: Care For the Homeless