Raccoons Plague Harlem as Reports of the Creatures Span the Neighborhood

(DNAINFO)  Dartunorro Clark | July 22, 2016 — Seeing a raccoon in Harlem has become common.

Raccoons are running amok in Harlem.

After DNAinfo New York reported that the animals were causing havoc on one neighborhood block — breaking into kitchens and even eating a pet turtle — more Harlem residents are telling of sightings and records show an 11 percent citywide uptick in raccoon-related calls.

One street the animals call home is West 119th Street, which remains plagued by the nocturnal visitors two years after DNAinfo New York first reported that the masked critters had moved onto the block.

Charisse Code, who lives on West 119th street, said she sees them every night. But on Thursday, she heard a screech from her backyard at 8 a.m.

“I thought it was a cat,” Code said.  “I’m like, ‘No one feeds this cat?’ ”

Code opened a can of tuna and took the food outside, where she spotted two raccoons rummaging through her neighbor’s garbage can.

“That was something else,” she said. “This is the first time I’ve heard them and seen them this early in the morning.

“I want to go out in my backyard and party, but I can’t.”

Code, who has lived on the block for 41 years, said she watched the neighbor, whose yard is across from hers, push one raccoon off the garbage can with a broomstick.

Two years ago, DNAinfo New York reported on raccoons invading Code’s block and nearby areas.

Since then the situation seems unchanged, according to interviews with several residents.

Source: Raccoons Plague Harlem as Reports of the Creatures Span the Neighborhood – West Harlem – DNAinfo New York