Seething With Anger, Probe Demanded into Exxon’s Unparalleled Climate Crime

(COMMON DREAMS) Jon Queally, October 30, 2015 — A broad coalition of community groups along with prominent leaders from the nation’s top civil rights, environmental, and indigenous people’s movements on Friday sent a joint letter to the U.S. Department of Justice demanding a federal investigation into allegations that oil giant ExxonMobil knew about the role fossil fuels played in driving climate change since the 1970s but concealed that information—and later sought to discredit those issuing warnings—in order to protect its own financial interests.”

Anyone who’s lived through 25 years of phony climate debate, or who’s seen the toll climate change is already taking on the most vulnerable communities, has been seething at these revelations.”—Bill McKibben,

Addressed to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the letter cites recent reporting by the Los Angeles Times and Inside Climate News—both of which offered devastating details into the manner and scope of the decades-long public deceit—and argues that a DOJ probe is warranted to determine whether criminal charges should be brought against the energy behemoth.

“Given the damage that has already occurred from climate change—particularly in the poorest communities of our nation and our planet—and that will certainly occur going forward, these revelations should be viewed with the utmost apprehension,” the letter states. “They are reminiscent—though potentially much greater in scale—than similar revelations about the tobacco industry.”

Source: Seething With Anger, Probe Demanded into Exxon’s Unparalleled Climate Crime | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community