Starling Jet airplane will fly like a helicopter

(CNN) Francesca Street, February 27, 2018 — Picture international air travel without the hassle: no costly airport transfer, no busy security line or passport control, no waiting to board or depart.

Instead, you’re in and out of the airplane in minutes and jet setting across the world in no time at all.
According to SAMAD Aerospace, the UK-based mastermind behind a new high-tech, dynamic airplane called the Starling Jet, this dream could soon be a business travel reality.
This high speed aircraft, which seats four passengers plus a pilot, uses vertical take off and landing for maximum efficiency and effortless cool.
Once airborne, the jet travels at speeds of 450 miles per hour (724 kph).
Unveiled at the Singapore Air Show in January 2018, the jet is still being perfected, but its engineers hope it’ll be soaring through the skies by 2020.

via Starling Jet airplane will fly like a helicopter | CNN Travel.