Stop Comparing Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders

(FIVE THIRTY-EIGHT.COM)   — lot of people are linking the candidacies of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump under headings like “populist” and “anti-establishment.” Most of these comparisons are too cute for their own good — not only because it’stoo early to come to many conclusions about the campaign, but also because Trump and Sanders are fundamentally different breeds of candidates who are situated very differently in their respective nomination races.

You can call both “outsiders.” But if you’re a Democrat, Sanders is your eccentric uncle: He has his own quirks, but he’s part of the family. If you’re a Republican, Trump is as familial as the vacuum salesman knocking on your door.

Consider the following. We’ll start with some of the more superficial differences between Sanders and Trump and work our way to the more important ones.

Source: Stop Comparing Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders | FiveThirtyEight