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The Nourished Epicurean

As an integrative Nutrition & Hormone Health Coach, I specialize in digestive health (e.g., bloating, gas, constipation, acid, reflux, etc.); hormone health (e.g., low energy, fatigue, weight management, belly fat); and food sensitivities, which people have, but do not realize (symptoms can range from allergies and joint pain, to migraines and rashes). I can also offer support and guidance if your goal is to improve your overall health and energy level—and you are ready and willing to make different choices around food and lifestyle habits. Click here for more info About Kathryn. And click here to learn about my work with clients.

Kathryn Matthews, Integrative Nutrition & Hormone Health Coach, AADP @ The Nourished Epicurean: Healthy Living in Good Taste,

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Appetite 4 Life

The foundational building blocks of every single cell in your body—forming your brain, organs, muscle, bone, blood, hormones, and more—come from food. What you eat has everything to do with how you feel and how well your body functions and survives. Eating a wide-ranging “diet” that’s based upon your individual needs gives you the ability to master nutrition and nutrients.

Many people experience the pitfalls of modern living—demanding work, long hours, hectic schedules, and stress—and often develop a health issue, or worse. As an Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach, I can help you with stress reduction, weight loss, eating differently to look and feel your best, and other concerns by developing new, healthy habits in all areas of your life.

appetite4life.com , Cyndie Burkhardt, Certified Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach, AADP Certified
New York City-based, Cyndie@Appetite4Life.com, 212-581-5044

Kathryn Matthews, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Corporate Wellness Presenter

For the YMCA

Through food and lifestyle practices, Kathryn shows men and women over 40 how to reduce their stress hormones so they lose weight naturally—without feeling deprived or spending hours at the gym. In addition to her private practice, she is also an active Corporate Wellness Presenter, giving Lunch & Learn presentations at companies to help employees make healthy food and lifestyle choices that increase their energy, focus and productivity.  She also writes frequently about health and wellness at kathryn-matthews.com and SheKnows.com.

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Kathryn Matthews, P.O. Box 6265, New York, NY  10022, t: 646-470-1797, kathryn@kathryn-matthews.comwww.kathryn-matthews.com