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The Houndstooth Pub

houndstooth logoThe Houndstooth Pub prides itself on the best in Gastropub cuisine combined with friendly and helpful service. Our menu features only the best fresh, healthy comfort food. So whether you work, live or are just visiting Midtown South say hello to our great staff and we promise a big hello back! Houndstooth Pub is a 6,800sq ft space featuring 3 distinctive rooms all containing full private bars and plasma HDTV. We consider this the perfect combination for your corporate event or just hanging out after work.

Mon-Fri 11am – 1am  /  Sat & Sun Noon – 2am  /  Brunch: Saturday and Sundays 12 – 4 pm  /  Happy Hour Daily: 11 am – 7 pm

520 8th Avenue @ 37th Street, www.houndstoothpub.com, Tel: 212 643 0034


Foley’s Pub

foleysFoley’s is named after legendary sportswriter Arthur “Red” Foley, who covered baseball and other sports for the Daily News for more than three decades. Foley’s walls are adorned with 2,500 autographed balls. Foley’s proudly serves 115 craft beers, with a  not so typical “sports bar” menu, our old fashioned recipes speaks for itself.

Foley’s, 18 W 33rd Street (between 5th and 6th Avenue), www.foleysny.com 212-290-0080

The Molly Wee Pub

molly wee picThe Molly Wee Pub offers a gathering place to enjoy friendly conversation, great food, drink and “mighty craic.” craic – (crack) the particular sense of esprit produced by the confluence of drink, romance and music.

Kitchen Hours: Mon – Tue 11am to 11pm, Wed – Sat 11am – 12pm, Sundays 12am to 11pm, The Bar is open till 4am every day

402 8th avenue at 30th street, ny, ny 10001, www.themollywee.com, 212-967-2627 Map


logo StoutNew York’s largest Irish Bar, located just steps from Madison Square Garden, Penn Station – Serving 24 Draft Beers, 150 Bottled Beers, 50 Irish Whiskeys and a full menu with Burgers, Pizzas, Salads and traditional pub fare with a twist.

Taste The Legend Black, Black Chocolate Stout. Try our Peak Organic Brewing ~ Oak Aged Mocha Stout!!!

Stout, 133 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001, www.stoutnyc.com, 212-629-6191