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(MSCC) Sharon Jasparizza, John Mudd, April 27, 2017 — Midtown South Community Council (MSCC) is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values diversity. MSCC meets the requirements under Fair Labor and Standards Act. We have volunteer and internship opportunities to support our communities, service providers, and outreach programs. Most opportunities are in midtown of New York City, while some may be done remotely, and are unpaid.

Volunteer and internship applications are ongoing. Keep an eye on our website, midtownsouthcc.org, for updates.

Volunteer and internship opportunities:
Creating a long term social media plan and calendar
Relationship building with our community
Administration of our data bases
Secretarial support
Seeking and writing grant applications
Assisting our board members with our programs

The following volunteer and internship requirements are useful but not necessary:
Strong communications and team skills
Creative and flexible
Familiarity with marketing and social media
Interest in not-for-profit management and community development

Volunteer and Internship opportunities are available to any interested parties. To apply for these opportunities send the following to hello@midtownsouthcc.org:
cover letter with contact details and area of interest
150 words describing your reason for applying
current resume
recommendation letter

Last update April 27, 2017