The American Petroleum Institute’s Desperate PR is Failing 

(COMMON DREAMS) David Turnbull, August 27, 2016 — f you’ve watched any political coverage on television in the last few months, or the Olympics, or really anything on TV, you’re bound to have seen some pretty ridiculous advertising coming from the oil and gas industry.

The American Petroleum Institute in particular has been putting out some pretty desperate stuff. Did you know that “A Vote for [Fossil Fuel] Energy is a Vote for Cheesesteaks?” That’s actually the title of one ad put out during the Democratic Convention, which was held in Philadelphia (Get it? Cheesesteaks!).

Did you know that if you really love your mother, then you love fossil fuels? That’s what API would have you believe in its ad titled, “A vote for mothers is a vote for energy.” (They say flowers need a lot of fossil fuel energy to be produced…and we all know that all mothers want are flowers…?).

And there’s more: A vote for [fossil fuel] energy is apparently a vote for summertime pool parties? And in perhaps the most brazen contention, the API — the organization that spends millions each year on lobbyingpolitical advertisements, and campaign contributions — suggests that a vote for [fossil fuel] energy is a “vote for democracy” itself (just ignore the fact that the ad itself barely mentions anything related to the democratic process).

Source: The American Petroleum Institute’s Desperate PR is Failing | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community