The big change to the new $10 bill that no one’s talking about

(WASHINGTON POST)  Steven Mufson The announcement that a woman will grace the redesigned $10 bill is overshadowing what could be an equally historic change in the way America’s money feels.

The new $10 note is the first slated to have raised elements that will help the blind and visually impaired distinguish between denominations, an accommodation for which disability rights groups have been fighting for decades. The Treasury Department was sued in 2002 over the problem and lost its case after six years of legal wrangling. It has taken even longer to turn the idea into a reality.

“Frankly, I applaud the fact that they’re going to put a woman on the front design,” said Jeffrey Lovitky, the attorney who represented the American Council of the Blind in its case against Treasury. “I would hope that they would keep their promise and keep to their stated intention of also putting the tactile feature on the bill.”

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew told reporters Wednesday that tailoring the $10 bill to the blind was in keeping with the new design’s theme of democracy. But he did not specify exactly how the currency would change. Lovitky said his group also has not received details. The new note is slated to be unveiled in 2020.


Source: The big change to the new $10 bill that no one’s talking about – The Washington Post