THE CITY Scoop: 911 Texting is Late to the Scene

(THE CITY) September 16, 2019

No matter what kind of phone you use, you’re paying the city a $1 monthly surcharge to support 911 service.

The payment is supposed to also help fund a new system that would let New Yorkers summon emergency responders via text message.

But the texting setup is already about 1½ years late, and won’t arrive until mid-2020, at the earliest.

More here on why — and on why it matters.

Here are some other items of note:

THE KICKER: “The cab driver dropped her off and she was basically in labor.” — Officer Rafalina Collado-Gomez, one of three cops who helped deliver a baby boy on the steps of The Bronx’ 41st Precinct. (Via the New York Post)

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