The First Store That Runs on Its Own Food Waste

(BIG THINK)  Teodora Zareva — According to the UN a third of the food the world produces is wasted, the monetary equivalent of $750 billionFood loss and waste amount to a major squandering not only of capital, but also of resources, including water, land, energy, and labour as well as needless production of greenhouse gas emissions.Addressing the issue of food waste requires interventions on all levels — from consumer behavior (especially in developed countries, where a big percentage of food waste comes from households), to better business practices, strong political will, and legislation.

One business making a commendable effort to address the problem is Sainsbury’s — the second-largest chain of supermarkets in the UK. Sainsbury’s has managed to achieve zero waste to landfill since June 2013. This means that all its store waste is diverted from landfills by donating, recycling, or turning it into fuel. Food that is not in good enough condition to be donated to charities is processed into animal feed to support British farmers. What is left is turned into bio fuel through a partnership with the waste management company Biffa. 

One of UK’s biggest retailers shows us how zero waste to landfills is done.

Source: The First Store That Runs on Its Own Food Waste | Big Think