The Homeless Black Moms Who Took Over a Vacant Property Had a Big Year

(VICE) Emma Ockerman, November 15, 2020

When sheriff’s deputies showed up to evict Dominique Walker and other Black homeless mothers from the vacant home they’d taken over in Oakland, their movement was just beginning.

By the time they were kicked out in January, the mothers, who called themselves Moms 4 Housing, had already occupied the modest, investor-owned home with their children for about two months and amassed a following along the way. The resulting response from police—some clad in riot gear—only drew more attention to a housing crisis in one of thewealthiest corners of the country. In the months that followed the moms’ eviction, their efforts led to a new California law to prevent corporations from purchasing foreclosed homes in bulk, among other policy proposalsrelated to housing. And their actions also inspired other homeless people to occupy homes in cities like Philadelphia and Los Angeles and fight for better housing.

Source: Homeless Black Moms Who Took Over a,Portugal and London and the Philippines and Japan.”