There Have Already Been More NYPD Shootings This Year Than All of Last Year

(DNAINFO)  Aidan Gardiner | July 20, 2016 — There have been 42 NYPD shootings this year, more than took place in all in 2015, police records show.

There have been more NYPD shootings in the first half of this year than there were during all of 2015, according to police statistics.

Police have opened fire 42 times from Jan. 1 through July 17, 2016 — including during 22 “adversarial conflicts” with suspects including Jermaine Johnson who was shot and killed by police in East WIlliamsburg on Sunday after attacking bystanders he believed were federal agents, an NYPD spokeswoman said.

That’s up from a total of 38 police-involved shootings in all of 2015, about a 10.5 percent increase.

Police also fired their guns accidentally seven times, used their guns against themselves twice and fatally shot eight animals, including a pit bull that belonged to a dancer for Madonna.

Police fired their weapons three times “to summon assistance” in what the department calls an “intentional discharge – no conflict,” according to an NYPD spokeswoman.

The spokeswoman didn’t have further information about these shootings, which are “extremely uncommon,” but they are the first of their kind in more than a decade, according to the NYPD’s 2014 Annual Discharge Report.

“Because of the rarity of this type of discharge, it is not regularly tracked in the annual report, but is addressed on an as-it-occurs basis,” the 2014 report reads.

Source: There Have Already Been More NYPD Shootings This Year Than All of Last Year – East Williamsburg – DNAinfo New York