Tree Planting at the Port Authority

(MSCC) John Mudd, Event date: October 21, 2019

MSCC is so thrilled to announce the planting of nine trees along the 40th Street side of the Port Authority to the 9th Avenue corner! The planting date: October 21, 2019!

This was a process! What began a push over two years ago is now becoming a reality. Sometimes it takes a village, a team, or a cooperative group to make things happen. And that group was the Port Authority, Councilman Speaker Corey Johnson’s Office, Garment District Alliance, Hell’s Kitchen Alliance, Midtown South Community Council, Parks Department… I’m sure we’re missing someone here!

Eugene Siniglliano, MSCC’s Beautification Director, wanted to add trees around the Port Authority, and so he reviewed the conditions of the standing trees and discerned the causes of death for those which had gone wayward. MSCC met with the Port Authority’s Mark Schaff and discussed adding trees and offered to care for them. The Port Authority was keene to have us do so.

Permitting and the planting season seem to stall any progress. We also learned that others had offered to care for the trees as well. Well with having two years slipped by, and not wanting another to do so, all parties interested in making midtown a better and greener place bandied together to make a planting possible this October of 2019. That’s the short of it.

The Garment District Alliance will be adding a guard rail to the trees and caring for them.

Thanks to all for Midtown of Manhattan will be a bit more happier, while we continue working toward more crucial improvements.