‘Uncommitted’ vote against Biden blows past goal in Minnesota’s Democratic primary

STAR TRIBUNE, Briana Bierschbach, Josie Albertson-Grove, March 9, 2024

In Minnesota’s primary for the Democratic Party, more than 45,000 people voted uncommitted. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said on CNN Wednesday morning that “these are voters that are deeply concerned, as we all are. The situation in Gaza is intolerable.”

push from progressive Minnesotans and members of the Muslim community to get voters to check “uncommitted” in the state’s Democratic presidential primary won nearly 46,000 votes Tuesday, far surpassing their goal of 5,000 votes.

Organizers of the campaign declared victory Tuesday night, saying the result will send a message to President Joe Biden that large factions of his own party want him to support a permanent cease-fire in Gaza.

“We’re doing this so President Biden knows Democrats have had enough of this endless support of a genocidal regime,” said Asma Mohammed, an organizer with the campaign. “We’ve had enough with seeing broken bodies of Palestinian children every time we open our phones, and today we are showing him that Minnesota is on the side of justice and humanity.”

Organizers set a goal of doubling the number of uncommitted votes in the last presidential primary. The campaign is building on momentum from a similar push in Michigan, which earned more than 100,000 votes in the state’s primary last week. Minnesota and Michigan were crucial states in Biden’s 2020 victory.

While Biden overwhelmingly won the primary with 70% of the vote, the uncommitted votes came in second, earning nearly 19% of the vote and beating Minnesota DFL U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips, who got just under 8% in his home state. Given their turnout, the uncommitted campaign will be able to send 11 delegates from Minnesota to the DNC’s convention in Chicago in August.