Utica Avenue Subway Extension MIA as MTA Plans Projects

(THE CITY) Jose Martinez, September 19, 2019

The state-run MTA projects it will need $3 billion from City Hall to help bankroll its new $51.5 billion blueprint of big-ticket transit projects.

But a $5 million study looking at the possibility of extending subway service along Utica Avenue in Brooklyn — included in the MTA’s current five-year financial plan at the behest of Mayor Bill de Blasio — didn’t earn so much as a mention when transit officials outlined the proposed 2020-2024 Capital Program earlier this week.

An MTA spokesperson was tight-lipped Wednesday when THE CITY asked about the status of the feasibility study, which had been given a February 2020 deadline. The assessment, which began in April, is listed as “0% complete” on the agency’s online Capital Program Dashboard.

“There’s a process for releasing additional details on the 2020-2024 Capital Program and as more details are released, there will be additional clarification relating to the Utica extension,” said the spokesperson, Andrei Berman.