Want to get rid of your gas stove? Here’s how to do it in NYC

The Gothamist, Rosemary Misdary, Nov 12, 2023

After New York City’s Department of Buildings held a hearing two weeks ago on the enforcement of a major climate law impacting large buildings and their use of fossil fuels, several readers contacted Gothamist with a simple question: How do I get rid of my gas stove?

Gas stoves are known to release many toxins, including benzene, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and hexane. Most of which are linked to conditions like cancer, respiratory illnesses and cardiovascular diseases. The risk of a child experiencing symptoms of asthma increases by more than 40% if there is a gas stove in the home. Even when it’s turned off, gas stoves release more than 75% of its methane emissions,

For Brooklynite Jasmin Jodry, the simple act of cooking can feel similar to having a chain-smoking roommate due to the indoor air pollution coming from gas stoves. Jodry says all three members of her family have asthma, and they sometimes struggle to breathe when the stove is lit

“We’re all on inhalers – my daughter, my husband, myself,” Jodry said. “[In our home] there’s one big room where everything happens and we cook for lunch. We cook for dinner. So that stove gets used all the time.”

New York State passed regulations as part of this year’s budget to address the health calamities of gas-fired stoves. Such appliances will be banned statewide in new construction starting in 2026 for buildings seven stories or less and in 2029 for larger buildings.

But existing buildings are not included in the deal, and currently around 70% of New York City homes still have gas stoves. Next year will usher in the city’s Local Law 97, the subject of the DOB’s recent hearing. It aims to reduce the use of natural gas and other fossil fuels in large buildings including co-ops and other residential spaces.

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