What Went Wrong Inside New York State Nursing Homes? | WCBS Newsradio 880

(WCBS NEWSRADIO 880) July 28, 2020

Nursing homes in New York were hard hit by the coronavirus during the peak of the pandemic. An estimated 6,500 people died from the virus, representing a quarter of the deaths in the state during the crisis.

But what went wrong? 

The effort to understand what happened in the state’s nursing homes has become almost politically charged now, with many people using the death toll to undermine Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision making over the last four months.

Now, a number of state hearings set for early August will look into the pandemic and try to get to the bottom of the situation in state nursing homes.

“It’s horrifying to have the number of deaths,” says Richard Mollot, executive director of the Long-Term Care Community Coalition (LTCCC). 

Mollot, a guest on this week’s 880 In Depth podcast, tells WCBS “there is no reason so many people had to die and suffer.”