When I say ‘Tenant’ you say ‘Power’!


In a clear message to Governor Cuomo and the state legislature, tenants blocked the entrances to both assembly and senate chambers as well as the Governor’s office yesterday, calling for the nine pieces of legislation being debated–Including the repeal of vacancy decontrol, the passage of ‘Good Cause’ eviction, an end to the MCI program, and expansion of the Emergency Tenant Protection Act, among others–to be passed by June 15th.  More than 60 arrests were made in one of the larger acts of civil disobedience in the capital this year.

Please news coverage from yesterday’s actions below!

We Still Have More To Do! 

With ten days left in the legislative session, we need to continue to put pressure on both the governor and the leaders of BOTH the state senate and assembly!  We need your help in making phone calls to particular districts, turning out at events over the next week, and making your voice heard as we near the end of the session!

There will be a press conference tomorrow, (June 6th) at City Hall Park at noon to continue our call for stronger rent protections in New York state, and we would love to see you there.  If you would like to come or would like more information about upcoming events and actions, please contact Jon at HCC at or call 845-367-4980