With New Study in Hand, Pennsylvanians Reiterate Call for Fracking Ban

(COMMON DREAMS) Deirdre Fulton, October 28, 2016 — As yet another study links fracking to cancer-causing chemicals, Pennsylvanians opposed to oil and gas drilling in their state are reiterating their call for a statewide moratorium on the practice.

A new analysis from the Yale School of Public Health “confirms that numerous carcinogens involved in the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing have the potential to contaminate air and water in nearby communities,” according to a press statement on Monday.

The study, which lead author and assistant professor Nicole Deziel said “represents the most expansive review of carcinogenicity of hydraulic fracturing-related chemicals in the published literature,” examined more than 1,000 chemicals that may be released into air or water as a result of fracking.

It found that the majority of those chemicals—more than 80 percent—lacked sufficient data on cancer-causing potential, “highlighting an important knowledge gap,” according to the researchers. Of the 119 compounds for which sufficient data exists, 44 percent of the water pollutants and 60 percent of air pollutants were either confirmed or possible carcinogens, with 20 of those tied to increased risk for leukemia or lymphoma and therefore requiring further study.

The study specifically expresses concern about the potential link between childhood leukemia and oil and gas drilling, noting that the illness “may be an early indicator of exposure to environmental carcinogens due to the relatively short disease latency and vulnerability of the exposed population.”

Source: With New Study in Hand, Pennsylvanians Reiterate Call for Fracking Ban | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community