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Word of the Day – strepitous


Strepitous / strep-i-tuhs / adjective


Boisterous; noisy


The New Orleans-based songwriter … leans into more explicitly gospel territory here, letting his strepitous guitar take a backseat to an upright-piano melody and choral harmonies.RACHEL HORN, “SONGS WE LOVE: BENJAMIN BOOKER, ‘WITNESS (FEAT. MAVIS STAPLES)’,” NPR, MARCH 9, 2017


Strepitous comes from Latin strepitus“noise,” from strepere “to make noise, rattle, clatter.” Strepere also yields (through the verb obstrepere “to make noise at”) the Latin adjective obstreperus “clamorous.” Obstreperusis the source of a more familiar synonym for strepitous: obstreperous. Strepitous entered English in the late 1600s.

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